Pavlidis Bros

Ch. Pavlides Bros.
Megali Rahi, PB 28, GR-320 11, Inofita Viotia, Greece
Tel.:+30-22620-56236 , Fax:+30-22620-56237, e-mail:,
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This is when a great distiller, Konstantinos Pavlides, arrives from the Black Sea for a new beginning in Greece.
Along with his family he brought his knowledge and his personal desire for distillery.
His knowledge and experience to produce the best of spirits, which until now remains exactly the same.
Three generations are working with the same passion for perfection, unique taste, and excellent quality,
using the latest equipment in distillery.
The excellent quality of our products has been rewarded with golden awards in several National Quality Competitions.
Considering the great responsibility we have at our Grandfather's will, we continue and will continue to produce our excellent products, hoping that the tradition will stay alive through the next generations.

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PAVLIDES, The long standing classical drink (Ouzo)
PAVLIDES, The original 700ml (Tsipouro)
PAVLIDES, The original (Ouzo)
PAVLIDIS, 700ml (Tsipouro)
PAVLIDES, 700ml (Tsipouro)
Pack of 12x50ml (with anis) (Tsipouro)
Pack of 6x200ml (with anis) (Tsipouro)
PAVLIDES (Tsipouro)
Pack of 12x50ml (no anis) (Tsipouro)
Pack of 6x200ml (no anis) (Tsipouro)

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